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Farmer Mac II LLC is an operating subsidiary of the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Farmer Mac). Established in 2009, Farmer Mac II LLC purchases the guaranteed portions of loans guaranteed by the United States Department of Agriculture under the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act of 1972.

Eligible USDA-guaranteed portions include Guaranteed Farm Ownership and Operating loans under the Farm Service Agency, Business and Industry and Community Facility Guaranteed loans under Rural Development.

The Farmer Mac II program provides financial institutions with an efficient and competitive secondary market for USDA guaranteed portions and enhances participants’ ability to offer innovative products to their customers.

Farmer Mac 3-Month COFI Rate *

Monthly Pay Cash:  1.41% Annual, S.A., & Qrtly Pay Cash:  1.41%
* Rates are set by Farmer Mac on behalf of Farmer Mac II LLC.
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